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WELL 2021 Virtual Conference

The WELL 2021 Virtual Conference aims to bring the link between water and the economy into the spotlight. While the world remains focused on the ongoing pandemic and subsequent economic challenges, WELL will highlight how water plays a pivotal role in the state’s economic recovery. Join us on Thursday, May 27 from 9:00am-12:00pm for this all-encompassing conference. This informative event will leave people with this key takeaway: Water is a gift, and if cared for properly, it can play an important role in the state’s most pressing economic and social problems.

WELL Webinars

WELL is launching a new WELL Webinar program as a way to continue providing water education and discussion around relevant water issues. Our next webinar is set for January 2021. To learn about our WELL Webinar series, click the button below. 

2020 End of Year Report

As WELL looks back on this year, we think about the extraordinary challenges of social isolation, fear for the safety of our loved ones and neighbors, and the dreaded Zoom mishaps. Conversely, WELL is also extraordinarily proud of our accomplishments this year. From WELL UnTapped, regional workshops-turned-webinars, and the WELL Virtual Conference, WELL has been able to bring together leaders from across the state in new and meaningful ways. To see more about WELL and its 2020 programming, review our End of Year Report. 

Thank you to our Associate Members

Thank you to our Associate Members, Valley Water and Water Replenishment District! To learn more about the WELL Associate Membership and how to join, please review our Associate Membership page.