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Registration is Now Open: WELL's 11th Annual Conference

The Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) 11th Annual Statewide Conference will be held from Friday, March 31 – Saturday, April 1, 2023, at the Aritel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA!

Can you answer your residents’ water-related questions? California’s drought conditions are becoming the new normal. The drought impacts our water quality, the economy, public health, and residents. This is why local elected officials need to understand the water challenges we are facing and the impacts on your community. Join us to expand your water knowledge and help provide water solutions for your community. 

Episode 43: Educating & Empowering Elected Officials

A conversation with Leticia Gonzales, Supervisor – District 4, Madera County and Victor Griego, President and Founder, Water Education for Latino Leaders about representation in water governance, service through leadership, and action-oriented education for elected officials.

Water Talk is a podcast about all things California Water. Hosted by water specialists at the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Victor Griego shares his thoughts on California's water crisis in a guest commentary for Cal Matters

NEWS ALERT: Victor Griego, President, and Founder, of WELL shared his thoughts on California’s water crisis in a guest commentary piece for Cal Matters. In “Education is vital for California Latinos affected most by the water crisis,” Griego stresses the importance of educating local leaders, especially those in Latino communities, on water solutions to protect vulnerable residents.

“It is a fateful paradox that while keeping our food system functioning falls heaviest on the backs of Latino workers, they are most frequently plagued by water contamination and scarcity.

Local Latino elected leaders need to be their voice by being properly informed since they are on the frontlines of passing and administering bond funding, infrastructure contracts, and raising public awareness.”

WELL – AAPI UnTapped Fellowship Class of 2023

WELL has partnered with AAPI UnTapped Fellowship graduates and local elected officials to plan, organize, and recruit for the WELL – AAPI UnTapped Fellowship Program with the aim of educating local AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) elected officials, providing a foundation of water knowledge in order to help them be better prepared to tackle California’s water crisis. Through interviews and statewide watershed visits, fellows will have a deeper understanding of the impacts of today’s water challenges on their constituents and hear forward-thinking solutions designed by other California leaders. Through this fellowship, AAPI elected officials will enhance their water knowledge and leadership skills, allowing them to take more effective action on water policy issues and assist in solving the state’s increasing water challenges. Apply today! Applications are due April 21, 2023.

Announcing the UnTapped Fellowship Cohort Class of 2023

The WELL UnTapped Fellowship is a selective, six-month program for local elected leaders aimed at helping participants make an impact on California water policy while addressing individual community water challenges. The UnTapped program creates an opportunity for local leaders to engage with water issues by exploring California’s water history and governance, infrastructure, finance, and the impact of climate change on water supply and quality. This education is taught through the lens of the human right to water, with eyes on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the water sector.

After a competitive application process, we have selected 18 local leaders in California to embark on the UnTapped Fellowship program. This class comes from all areas of the state, yet they are united by their passion for water knowledge and for supporting their communities.

Thank you to our Associate Members

Thank you to our Associate Members, AARP of California, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Valley Water, and The Water Replenishment District of Southern California! To learn more about the WELL Associate Membership and how to join, please review our Associate Membership page.