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WELL Webinar - The Future of Water Jobs: Training the Next Generation of Water Sector Practitioners

WELL highlights how water plays a pivotal role in California’s economic recovery. We believe investments in water infrastructure will help local governments get people back to work at pre-COVID levels and create a pathway for underrepresented individuals to enter the water industry. Our panelists highlight workforce development initiatives, job training, and apprenticeship programs, and discuss related funding to help assist women, people of color, and other underrepresented individuals seeking employment in good, high-paying jobs in the water sector. 

2020 End of Year Report

As WELL looks back on this year, we think about the extraordinary challenges of social isolation, fear for the safety of our loved ones and neighbors, and the dreaded Zoom mishaps. Conversely, WELL is also extraordinarily proud of our accomplishments this year. From WELL UnTapped, regional workshops-turned-webinars, and the WELL Virtual Conference, WELL has been able to bring together leaders from across the state in new and meaningful ways. To see more about WELL and its 2020 programming, review our End of Year Report. 

Thank you to our Associate Members

Thank you to our Associate Members, Valley Water, Water Replenishment District of Southern California, and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California! To learn more about the WELL Associate Membership and how to join, please review our Associate Membership page.

Thank you to our 2021 Webinar Sponsors

Thank you to all of our 2021 WELL webinar sponsors! To learn more about sponsoring one of our WELL webinars, please view our Sponsors page.