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WELL UnTapped Summary

Water is one of the most important public policy issues in California and local Latino leaders are now emerging as key contributors in the water policy arena. Ahead of this trend, in 2012, a group of Latino water experts and community organizers across California came together and founded Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) with the goal of strengthening this voice and insuring that local leaders have a context in water policy in making decisions about water.  Since WELL’s inception, more than 245 of California’s 400 Latino city council members, mayors, county supervisors and school board members have participated in annual WELL conferences.


WELL UnTapped.  Building on its success, WELL is launching WELL UnTapped; a selective, year-long program for local elected leaders aimed at helping participants make an impact in California water policy while addressing community challenges with water.   WELL UnTapped accomplishes it mission by comprehensive and active exploration of history, governance, public policy, geography and economics and their relationship to human rights and climate change.   WELL also helps local leaders create a strategy for funding and fulfilling the state’s promise of the Human Right to Water through a local project in their own communities.