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Sí Se Puede! UnTapped Fellows Visit the National Chavez Center

On May 3-4, 2019, the National Chavez Center hosted the UnTapped Fellows (WELLos) in Keene, CA. The WELLos welcomed special guests, including Paul Chavez, President of the Cesar Chavez Foundation; award-winning author and Assistant Professor at UC Merced, Dr. Mario Sifuentez; and lawyer and son of labor rights icon Dolores Huerta, Emilio Huerta.

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What is UnTappedWELL’s UnTapped Fellowship is a selective, six-month long program for local elected leaders aimed at helping participants make an impact in California water policy while addressing community challenges with water. The UnTapped program creates an opportunity for local leaders to engage with water issues by a comprehensive and active exploration of history, governance, public policy, geography, economics, and their relationship to human rights and climate change.

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WELL Founder Victor Griego Receives Groundwater Ambassador Award at Water Replenishment District’s Groundwater Festival

On May 4th, Water Replenishment District of Southern California, the largest groundwater agency in the State of California, hosted its Groundwater Festival which “aims to educate the public about water, conservation, and a wide variety of environmental issues.” Victor was honored with the 2019 Groundwater Ambassador Award for his work with WELL to educate and empower Latino elected officials, working toward a more resilient environment for all Californians. Congratulations, Victor!

Watch: The 7th Annual WELL Conference Video!

“I think water education starts with taking an interest, and it’s at all levels. It starts with our children, with our families, with our neighbors, but we also know at WELL that decision makers need to be part of this process… We are hopeful that taking this approach of educating the people who make decisions is a good way to engage their constituents, and as a whole, the community and our state.”

-WELL Board Member Miguel Luna

Watch the full video here.

San Leandro Vice Mayor and UnTapped “WELLo” Corina Lopez Participates in Infrastructure Week 2019

During Infrastructure Week 2019 (May 13-20, 2019), San Leandro Vice Mayor and UnTapped “WELLo”, Corina Lopez, joined the National League of Cities(NLC) on a series of discussions regarding infrastructure from a local perspective, including introductory remarks before a water panel.

Vice Mayor Lopez was part of a group of local leaders from across the country who joined the NLC in Washington to tell their stories. In addition, to speaking about water issues in the San Francisco Bay Area, she also participated in discussions around broadband infrastructure and transportation.

“I believe the Legislative Briefing exercise that was part of the UnTapped Inaugural Curriculum prepared me for this kind of participation before the US Senate,” said Vice Mayor Lopez.

Thank you, Vice Mayor Corina Lopez, for representing the “WELLos” in this important event and continuing to engage in water discussions in California and beyond!

Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) educates local Latino elected officials on California water policies to promote timely and equitable actions that strive to develop a robust economy, healthy communities, and a resilient environment for all Californians. Visit our website: www.latinosforwater.org.