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Meet the Staff


Paul C. Hernandez, Executive Director

Paul C. Hernandez became Executive Director of Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) in June 2021. In his role at WELL, Paul will continue building on the organization’s annual conference, regional workshops, and programs (including the successful UnTapped fellowship). These activities help increase and advance California’s Latino leaders’ water policy knowledge.
Paul’s career spans 20 years in leadership positions at the highest levels of local government and nonprofits. He has built a reputation for fostering strong working relationships and has a proven track record of demonstrating his ability to resolve large-scale issues.

Paul has held various positions, including Special Project Coordinator for the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles; Economic Development Deputy for Los Angeles City Council District 14; and Associate Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety for former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa as well as current Mayor Eric Garcetti. As the Executive Director of the Mayor’s Crisis Response Team, Paul recruited over 200 community volunteers to help support residents during crises. He served as Principal Project Coordinator and Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department. Paul was most recently Vice President of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; he led the organization’s financial management, fundraising partnerships, and strategic alliances. These efforts helped train and develop over 900 crisis managers and public safety professionals in southern California.

Paul was elected to the Baldwin Park City Council in November 2018. Before serving on the City Council, Paul was elected to the Valley Council Water District (VCWD) in November 2013. During his time at the VCWD, he was instrumental in leading the district’s Affordable Rate Program that supports seniors and low-income families. He championed a five-year, multimillion-dollar infrastructure program that ensured safe and affordable drinking water for residents and businesses.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Woodbury University and his Master of Leadership degree from the University of Southern California.

Email Paul: Paul@latinosforwater.org

Stephanie Nava-Angeles, Program Manager

Stephanie Nava-Angeles became the Program Manager of Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) in September of 2021. In her role at WELL, Stephanie will continue building on the organization’s annual conference, virtual workshops, and programs (including the successful WELL UnTapped Fellowship). These activities help to increase and advance California’s Latino leaders’ water policy knowledge.

Stephanie has been involved in a variety of different organizations and projects, all aimed at the goal of helping support her community. During her time at University of California at Riverside, Stephanie devoted herself to interning at multiple community lead organizations, including the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, Riverside County Law Library, and the Beauty of Sharing Foundation. 

After graduating, Stephanie began her career working at InBody USA, where she focused on planning and coordinating small and large-scale events in health and wellness. She played a key role in helping to enhance and develop the wellness programs by partnering with other organizations, leading the company’s charity fundraising efforts, branching out InBody’s digital presence, and aid in different research initiatives. 

Ultimately, her passion for water conservation and community engagement is what led her to join the WELL. She believes access to clean water is a fundamental human right but the lack of access to clean water highlights a variety of environmental injustices in minority communities.

Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainability Studies and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at University of California at Riverside.

Email Stephanie: stephanie@latinosforwater.org