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August 2019 Newsletter

Dear WELL Community, 

It has been an exciting transition working as the Executive Director at WELL. For the past 6 weeks I have submerged myself in learning about the WELL programs and organizational structure.  What has truly been my highlight has been meeting with the WELLos throughout California. I have driven to Fresno and met with WELLos making a difference in the Central Valley. This past week, I took a plane ride to San Jose and drove as far North as Richmond and made stops in Pleasanton, Oakland, Milpitas and San Jose meeting with WELLos about Water issues.   I have visited potential sites for the upcoming Untapped 6-month fellowship with Johanna Reyes, Program Manager, and have attended events throughout the region.

This newsletter brings you upcoming Legislative Workshop dates that the WELLos have been working diligently on to bring to their regions to talk about water issues.

The Untapped 3 fellowship applications were made available this month and the deadline for submission is September 16, 2019.  The applications can also be found on our website

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Alma L. Marquez

Apply to WELL’s flagship 6-month fellowship program: UnTapped 2020!

Are you interested in becoming engaged in water politics to represent your community? Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) has recently opened its fellow application for UnTapped 2020.   WELL UnTapped is a selective, six-month long training and learning academy for local elected leaders, which helps participants make an impact in California water policy while addressing their community’s challenges with water. Sessions begin January 2020. 

2020 Session Dates:

Session 1: January 17-18-19 (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Session 2: February 7-8 (Fri-Sat) 

Session 3: March 6-7 (Fri-Sat) 

Session 4: April 10-11 (Fri-Sat) 

Session 5: May 1-2 (Fri-Sat) 

Session 6: June 3-4 (Wed-Thu)

Components include:

  • Monthly two-day learning sessions to be held throughout California’s watersheds.
  • Water Legislative Workshop project or related self-designed water project: fellows will learn from water experts to prepare for a project that targets local water issues in their communities.
  • Method of inquiry training: learning to ask relevant and timely questions. Not everyone can know all elements of a policy subject but they can learn how and what to ask in order to get the necessary information to make an informed decision for their communities.
  • Public narrative training: UnTapped fellows will sharpen their public leadership skills by working on the ‘story of self’, ‘story of us’, and ‘story of now’.

WELL’s programs are open to all elected officials who wish to participate regardless of race or ethnicity. Our philosophy is that anyone who represents Latino constituents is a Latino leader.

You can apply today by visiting this page

Stay tuned for our upcoming Legislative Workshops in your region!

Staff Highlight: Johanna Reyes

Johanna Reyes, WELL Program Manager, will be embarking on an exciting adventure across the Atlantic this month and we are thrilled to share the news with the WELL community. 

Johanna has been selected as one of 53 Mexican young professionals–from over 50,000 people worldwide– to receive a Chevening Award. The Chevening Scholarships are prestigious recognitions given to future global leaders from around the world to study a Masters Degree in the United Kingdom. Starting in September, Johanna will be pursuing a MS in Development Management with a focus on Applied Economic Development at the London School of Economics. 

We would like to recognize Johanna for her contributions to WELL during her time here and wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) educates local Latino elected officials on California water policies to promote timely and equitable actions that strive to develop a robust economy, healthy communities, and a resilient environment for all Californians. Visit our website: www.latinosforwater.org.