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The WELL 2021 Virtual Conference aims to bring the link between water and the economy into the spotlight. While the world remains focused on the ongoing pandemic and subsequent economic challenges, WELL will highlight how water plays a pivotal role in the state’s economic recovery. We believe investments in water infrastructure will not only help mitigate climate change impacts and improve water security across the state, it will also help local governments get people back to work, something desperately needed to get back to pre-COVID economic levels. WELL will also look at the Human Right to Water through a COVID lens, breaking down water utility debt and the sunsetting moratorium on water bills for struggling families. The right to safe and affordable water for our rural communities and farmworkers also continue to be neglected, even as their importance to our economy soars to greater heights. Additionally, WELL refocuses attention to the growing water issues that existed well before the pandemic: drought and the Colorado River, water contamination like PFAS and TCP, and natural disasters such as floods and fire. This all-encompassing conference will leave people walking away with this key takeaway: Water is a gift, and if cared for properly, it can play an important role in the state’s most pressing economic and social problems.

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WELL convened its state-wide educational water conference for local elected officials virtually on November 13, 2020. The WELL Virtual Conference provided elected officials with a better understanding of important water issues in order to maximize the positive impact they have in their communities.

Watch the conference recordings here:

Morning Reception & Keynote from Senator Bill Monning

Panel 1: Preparing Our Water Infrastructure For The Next 100 Years

Panel 2: Smart Growth in the Face of Water Stress

Panel 3: The Politics and Policies of Water

Event Program

9:45AM | Conference Launch

10:00AM | Morning Reception

10:30AM | Panel 1: Preparing Our Water Infrastructure for the Next 100 Years

11:20AM | Panel 2: Smart Growth in the Face of Water Stress 2020

12:05PM | Networking & Lunch Break

12:40PM | Panel 3: The Politics and Policies of Groundwater

1:20PM | Closing Remarks

1:30PM | Option Social (Half) Hour

2:00PM | Adjourn